Advance 21M features

Advance 21M features and order:

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Width: 188mm
Hight: 62mm
Wheelbase: 258mm
Frame: Graphite lower and upper
Drive system: 2 belts 4WD
Suspension: independent 4 wheel wisebone
Absorber : 44mm Big-bore filled absorber
Gear Ratio: 1.9 : 1
*540 size motor
*7.4V lipo hardcase battery
*2 channels transmitter
*Steering servo

Advance 21M the latest 1/10 on-road touring chassis frame from 3Racing! In 2019 we designed a success Advance 20M, that chassis running outstanding performance expected out our soul, consistent all the way surrounding in the track, especial the tail is stable all the time but without character! He is a good boy always in controlled, we like the base of the consistent driving but out the apex accelerate is not enough performed, that why our team redevelop the Advance 21M in a short time. what is the new feature of Advance 21M? 70% redesigned component parts such as below:
1. New narrowed Gear diff adapt for the new bulkhead placed on the chassis frame
2. relocated the motor mount placed close to the tail
3. Front belt used as S3M423 and S3M279 at Rear
4. Chassis with Anti-Weight Transfer Distribute system ( AWTD ) " Normally when you driving the chassis turns left, the weight transfer will put the weight out to the right, but in this newly designed chassis it can distribute a part of weight to the same way as left, it's amazing to transfer more weight grip to the inner tyres"
5. Newly Motor mount and drivetrain shaft, more lightweight
6. Bulkhead placed the stabilizer on downward keep the CG as lower than 20M
7. Newly Spool attached the outer join in more solid power delivery
8. Spool outer join apply 2mm pin or 4mm drive cushion
9. Shorted stabilizer ball Cap and 1mm offset stabilizer mount at the wishbone
10. Up deck with attached front connection frame to the substantial sensitive driving in S-lane
11. Rear shock tower changed for the new narrowed Gear diff
12. Stabilizer Front n Rear is a new shape suitable for relocated
13. Steering wiper is longer 1mm than the previous, it improved more angle n linear steering skill
14. Servo mount with lightweight cutting to avoid the front belt touching
15. All graphite battery mounting on 21M