KIT-CERO ULTRA VER2.0 Touring car

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ETA: 5 / FEB/ 2024

3Racing Competition On-Road Touring Chassis

Cero Ultra Ver2.0 (Recommended for asphalt)

In the second generation of Cero Ultra 2.0, the main improvement is to use a shorter and narrower chassis to improve the frame's cornering efficiency. The belt length is S3M345 x 2. Used this shorter belt to achieve a shorter chassis and more direct acceleration output. The front and rear lower wishbones have been carefully improved to more room for the anti-roll bar movement and a shorter wheelbase. The lay-down front and rear absorbers mounting make the body roll more efficient, the main chassis has a new weight distribution position and a shorty battery socket, and the diameter of the lower wishbones rolling shims has been increased to improve the durability of the chassis plate, a caster has been added to the rear upright to increase the speed of all corners, and the steering system has changed to M4 X 7 bearings To improve accuracy, the upper deck was shortened to accommodate the twist of the frame.


1. 2xS3M345 Bando Belts To Obtain Drive-Shaft Output Directly

2. TPU Bumper Is Standard

3. Newly layout of 2.25mm Graphite Chassis ( Shorter 6mm and narrowed 77mm)

4. Rapid Spur Gear Change Solution

5. All NMB (Japan) Ball Bearing

6. Newly Double Wiper Steering System

7. Lay down the F & R Absorber mounting

8. Newly layout of Graphite Lower Wishbones

9. Rapid battery Socket

10. Anti-Slap Pad

11. Rear Drive Shaft Jacket

12. Newly Cooling Fan Mounting

13. Shorty Battery Socket


Overall length:  390mm

Overall Width:  188mm

Wheelbase:  257mm

Thread (F/R):  188/187mm

Ratio:  1.9:1 (Internal)

Subjects May Change Without Notice

Motor/Remote/Servo/Battery/Body are needed To Purchase Individual