3Racing Official Team Driver 2023_1/10 Touring series

Welcome, The following drivers as our official team drivers 2023 , Their treasured experiences may help you with some technical issues in the group or surrounding in your country tracks, with our best wishing they go well in the 2023 or above seasons!

Stefan Chodzynski_UK

Stefan Chodzynski

Located: United Kingdom

Categories :1/10 Touring

Joined Date :2023/ Jan

I am delighted to join 3-Racing to drive Cero Ultra in EP Touring Car in the Modified category. Excited to help promote the great 3-Racing brand in the UK and provide support for Cero Ultra drivers worldwide! Thanks to Jacky Lau for the opportunity!

Kit Chau

Located : Hong Kong China

Categories :1/10 Touring & FWD

Joined Date :2010 / Jan



Micheal Lim

Located: Malaysia

Categories :1/10 Touring

Joined Date: 2022 / May

Hamizan Bin Omar ( Mizan)

Located: Malaysia

Categories :1/10 Touring & FWD

Joined Date: 2023 / Jan