KIT-CERO M-Chasssis Wheelbase 225mm

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We are happy to present to you Cero M-Chassis 4WD and M-Chassis FWD. Cero M-Chassis 4wd is available in 210mm or 225mm configurations to suit your choice of body shell and class rules. With DNA copied over from our competitive Cero Ultra 1/10 EP touring car platform (such as the pivot ball suspension, shared suspension parts and a low CG), you can be sure Cero M210 & M225 performs exceptionally well on track. It is also possible to change between M210 or M225 by changing upper deck, lower deck, and belts. All other parts are the same on both cars. Cero FWD M-Chassis shares DNA from our race-proven Cero Ultra FWD platform. Featuring pivot ball suspension (a first in this category), fully adjustable shocks, ultra-low CG and a one-piece topdeck, we are sure that Cero M-Chassis FWD will lead this category and be a race winner! Suspension knuckles are also common across all Cero platforms, reducing the need for extra spare parts!