3RAC-MHS009 Aluminium Brushless 540 Motor Heatsink W/ Cooling Fan

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3RACING New Motor Heatsink (#3RAC-MHS009)Video


A fast rotational speed fan is definitely a crucial item for your touring car in hot summertime. New from 3Racing is Aluminium Brushless Heatsink with cooling fan which reaches 14000 rolls per minute and can be used for few hours successively. It is made of Aluminium alloy which has good cooling efficiency, it is also with a wind duct to direct the wind. The wind outlet is slightly tilted upward by 45 degrees, preventing strong current directly hit the damper, which makes the oil to be diluted. The volume is 30 X 30 X 10mm mini design and it just weighs 17 grams that are extraordinary light. This new part is applicable for any 540 motors and there are 5 colors available, choose one for your car right now.