Advance S64 launch

The development of Sakura on-road Touring to S64 can be regarded as a historical! {S}Sport version is the most popular design concept for all beginner players. This time the reform is to re-position the weight to make a more efficient configuration! The new car retains its usual reliability and efficiency! More S64 increase steering efficiency and rear grip to achieve further coordination! S64 made a 6:4 plan based on the length of the front and rear belts. In the test, the efficiency of turning to the centre of the bend was increased and the rear grip was only slightly reduced than the length of belts is 1:1! The new car adopts short absorb design! Equipped with anti-roll bar, full bearing, fiberglass chassis and upper deck! The wishbones made of high-quality carbon-containing material! The basic version of the motor is located in the middle of the chassis ! (Guests can also replace the rear motors by themselves to make modifications.) The new gear adapter have also been newly designed with reduction gears suitable for general market applications, and the new knuckle will also make the steering response more linear! This generation of Sakura Advance S64 hopes to be welcomed by everyone!