Advance 21M Concept of (AWTD) Technolgy from ? how it WORK!

             Since 2019 when the Advance 20M launched, we are appreciate corporated from the Team H HKG Members to inspire a unique chassis frame, however, after a few hundred times testing on the track, we are glad to let you know, it's perfectly working on the chassis to delivery more grip weight keeps in the inner wheels

What said from  Team H concept chassis

             A unique H shape chassis flex to avoid creates a reduction in overall grip balance.

Keep weight transfer at a minimum to maintain a higher overall grip level.

Using all of the grip available from the tires to achieve optimum cornering speed.

The build-in ultimate floating electronics board allows very little weight transfer as possible to keep total grip as high level in any different track condition.


Brilliant thanks Team H HKG members inspire a unique chassis frame!!