ST-020 1/8 Nitro and Electric On road Car Universal Setup System

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New from 3 Racing the 1/8th Universal Setup System was designed with unique features that truly separates itself from any other system thats already available. Traditional setup systems has never been able to account for different tire diameters resulting in settings made on the setup system inaccurately represented after the tires have been attached and making readjustments necessary to account for this difference. The new 3 Racing 1/8th Universal Setup System will allow the racer to easily adjust for any size tire diameter when setting their car up on the Setup System eliminating the necessity for any post readjustments after the tires have been attached. All of Toe-In/Out, Caster, Camber and Ride Height will all be fully adjustable while the Setup System is attached to the car with all adjustments fully and easily accessible without the need for constant attachment and detachment of components.