ST-014/AL 1/10 Tempered Glass Setup Board with LED Light (in Aluminum Desk Base) Set

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ST-014/AL come with 1 screw which you can attach the LED light on the Setup board or on the Aluminum Desk Base. Setup board with built in Spirit level. The Desk Base also can be used as screws Tray. Sizes: Setup Board:45x30cm Desk Base:14.5 LED Light:68.90cm ***10-13 Volt ONLY*** Remark LED 燈可選擇固定在設定板上或燈座板上。 精美的設定板設有內置燈光並配有觸控式開關制。另外,只需按住開關制數秒,即可調節設定板上內置的光暗度。 LED light can be assembled on the base or setup board. Dedicated setup board have built in light with the touch panel power button. If you hold the button for few seconds you can adjust brightness of the setup board light.