Speed Passion 8.5R Combo ESC

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Comes with 13.5T Speed Passion Competition 3.0 motor?

Speed Passion V3.0 Comp BL Motor; 13.5T

The Speed Passion V3 motor was a former World Championship winning motor with the legendary Marc Rheinard. It is extremely efficient and reliable with adjustable timing of 0 to 10 degrees. The motor uses a simple high current plug system so there is no need for soldering when removing the motor from a vehicle.

Complies with BRCA, EFRA, and ROAR rules.

And Speed Passion Reventon S ESC

Continuous Current / Burst Current - 40A/270A
Maximum Battery - 4-9 Cell Ni-xx (NiMh or NiCd) or 2 Cell Li-Po / 2 to 3 Cell Li-Fe - For 4-6 Cell Ni-xx or 2s Lipo:
Use the standard fan supplied with the ESC; - For 7-9 Cell Ni-xx: The included ESC fan is not compatible with high voltage. ESC fan must be replaced with a high voltage fan or connect the fan to the receiver port (+5V).
ESC Type - Sensored /Sensorless Brushless
Motor Limit - 7.5T or slower
Racing Profile Settings - Drift 1, Modified 0, Modified 1, Rock Crawler, and Stock 0. Drift1, Modified 0, Modified 1, Rock Crawler, Stock 0.
Dimentions - 33mm X 33mm X 19mm (H)
comes without Programe Card